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Portia de Catonis Foundation 

Portia de Catonis Foundation is a non-profit company founded in South Africa in year 2016. Its main purpose is to offer educational programs at primary and high schooling level in disadvantaged areas across South Africa.

Our Open Call to Society

Many young people across remote corners of South Africa have academic prowess that would match their peers in urban cities across the region. However, sadly, many are disqualified from access to academic resources purely based on their socio-economic circumstances. Many of us would agree that to fail these young learners, is to have failed the ethos of humanity itself. As members of society, we should, to the best of our abilities, take responsibility for giving every young person a fair chance to flourish in their abilities. 

It is on this basis that Portia de Catonis Foundation was established in year 2016.

To be the one other member of society to give these young people from many areas a fair chance in life. Through various training and development programmes, Portia de Catonis Foundation aspires to reactivate in the hearts of these young people their right to dream big and to reignite the confidence in them to thrust to the spotlight and fully participate with impact in society.


So please, sit back, and browse through our pages, visit our social media accounts and join our initiative.

You can also send us a message on our contact us page. Looking forward to hearing from you.